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You may change your package at any time during a contract
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  • 2M Standard 50GB FUP R349
  • 4M Standard 150GB FUP R549
  • 6M Standard 150GB FUP R699
  • 8M Standard 200GB FUP R799
  • 10M Standard 250GB FUP R899
  • 12M Standard 300GB FUP R1199
  • 4M Premium Unshaped R699
  • 6M Premium Unshaped R899
  • 8M Premium Unshaped R1099
  • 10M Premium Unshaped R1299
  • 12M Premium Unshaped R1499
  • 2M/2M BUSINESS STD @ R1500
  • 5M/5M BUSINESS STD @ R1999
  • 10M/10M BUSINESS STD @ R3000
  • 2M/2M FIBRE EQUIV @ R2250
  • 5M/5M FIBRE EQUIV @ R5000
  • 10M/10M FIBRE EQUIV @ R6700
  • 20M/20M FIBRE EQUIV @ R8200
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Debit order is mandatory with a 24 month agreement

I/We hereby authorize La Rochelle IT Solutions T/A Bronberg Connect (the internet service provider) to draw against my bank account with the abovementioned bank (or any bank or branch to which I may transfer my account) the sum of {total_monthly} on the {debitdate} of each and every month, commencing on the {debitstartdate}.


All such withdrawals from my bank account by you shall be treated by the above-mentioned Bank as though they had been signed by me personally.


I/We agree that this authority may be cancelled by me/us, but I/We understand that I shall not be entitled to any refund of amounts, which you have withdrawn whilst this Authority was in force if such amounts were legally owing to you.


I/We acknowledge that this Authority may be ceded or assigned to a third party if the Agreement is also ceded to that third party, but in the absence of such assignment of the Internet Service Agreement, this Authority cannot be assigned to any third party.

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Upload RICA documentation

This service is subject to RICA legislation and requires the relevant documents to be included. NO APPLLICATIONS WILL BE PROCESSED UNLESS THESE DOCUMENTS ARE INCLUDED

Documents required for all applications

These documents MUST accompany all applications
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RSA ID or Passport
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Documents required for business applications

These documents must accompany all BUSINESS applications
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Business verification:
Include documents that verifies the details of the business
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Documents for Personal and Business

Proof of residense.

Here are some examples of proof of residence for RICA. You need only submit one of these:

  • a bank statement, municipal bill,
  • cellphone or retail account (not older than 3 months),
  • existing lease, rental or credit agreement,
  • insurance policy,
  • current TV or motor vehicle license document that includes your name and residential address
  • if you live in an informal settlement you can provide a letter and/or affidavit from a school, church or retail store where you receive your post (this letter must be on an official letterhead or have the stamp of the school, church or retail store).


You can provide one of these identity documents. Driver's license is not acceptable.:

  • Green bar-coded ID document or smart ID card
  • Temporary ID certificate issued by Home Affairs
  • Passport

Documents for Business

For business applications please verify the Company details by one of the following documents:

  • Registration Documents
  • Founding Statement
  • SARS document, or other Government issued document

Verify the Company details by one of the following documents:

  • Bank Statement
  • Municipal Account
  • Telephone Account
  • TV License
  • Supplier Account
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Installation Notice

Weather conditions may delay your installation as our technicians aren’t permitted to work in the rain.