Christmas is the time of year when we relax, spend time with family, give gifts and kiss… under the Mistletoe. Or is it the WiFi dish?

In some countries it is believed that it is good luck to kiss someone under a mistletoe. We believe however that it is far better to kiss under a WiFi dish. No matter where you are it is always that much better if there is WiFi.

bitCONNECT together with Bronberg CONNECT brings you Kiss under the Dish. The competition where two lucky winners will win FREE internet.


Apply for or migrate to one of our Ho-Ho-WiFi packages


The technicians will make an appointment. Wait for them to arrive and confirm that they have line of sight with a tower.


Take a picture while kissing someone under a wireless dish


Finally, submit your picture and stand a chance to win 2 years FREE internet!


Winning is simple. Apply for or migrate to any of our Ho-Ho-WiFi Wireless Internet packages before 15 January 2018. Once your internet is installed take a picture of you kissing someone (spouse, girlfriend, dog, skelmpie) while standing under a WiFi dish and stand a chance to win 2 years FREE internet.

If you climb on your roof it is at your own risk. We will not be liable if you hurt yourself while participating in this competition.


Any person who meets the following criteria may enter:

  1. Entrants must have a working Bronberg CONNECT internet connection which they applied for through bitCONNECT. This includes existing clients as well as new applications.
  2. The person entering the competition needs to be the account holder.
  3. Entrants’ account with Bronberg CONNECT must not have any outstanding balances.
  4. Only clients who subscribe to our Ho-Ho-WiFi deals may enter into the competition.
  5. Employees of bitCONNECT and Bronberg CONNECT are not allowed to enter the competition.
    1. Family members of employees are not allowed to enter the competition.


  1. Order or upgrade to any of the Ho-Ho-WiFi packages on our website at Home Uncapped Wireless Internet
  2. Our technicians will come out to perform a site survey and installation. Wait for the technicians to confirm line of sight.
  3. Take a picture while kissing underneath a WiFi dish.
    1. Take a picture while the technician holds the dish above your head (but be quick our technicians are busy 🙂 )
    2. or Take a picture once the dish is installed on your roof while standing below it (or where the dish is in the background).
    3. or use other creative ways to kiss under the dish.
  4. Send your best photo to or submit HERE.
  5. Like and follow our Facebook page to see your photo. bitCONNECT Facebook


Clients who are active on our network with any home wireless internet package from 4Mbps Standard up to 10Mbps Premium are eligible to enter the competition.


Winners’ prizes will be based on the Ho-Ho-WiFi package they are subscribed to at the time they are announced as winners.

1st Prize
The best, most creative photo will win 2 years FREE internet from Bronberg CONNECT.

2nd Prize
The runner up will win 1 year FREE internet from Bronberg CONNECT.


A couple of things will influence your success in the competition. Creativity will play a BIG part in the success of your entry. Other factors will include the number of likes you get on our facebook page.

Ultimately the judges will decide on the winner and their decision will be final.


Closing for new entries 31 January 2018 12:00
Announcement of winners 31 January 2018 16:00

All applications for eligible wireless internet packages that are received before or on the 31st January 2018 12:00 will qualify to enter into the competition. The winners will be announced on 31 January 2018 at 16:00.


The original agreement for the connection equipment (Wireless Dish and WiFi router) will remain in place. If a winner is subscribed on a contract then they will still pay R45pm for the WiFi router.


Winners who wish to change their package in the free period may do so with the following conditions:

  1. Downgrading to a package lower than their winning package will remain free.
  2. Upgrading to a higher package is allowed but the client will pay for the difference in price between the winning package and the new package.


By entering into this competition you do so solely at your own risk. Neither bitCONNECT nor Bronberg CONNECT shall be liable for the loss or damage to any property or person while participating in this competition.

It is our recommendation that people who wish to participate in this competition refrain from climbing on to any high structures unless they are adequately equipped and trained to do so. Doing so may result in injury, loss of limbs or death.


All entries will automatically be submitted under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 license. For more information on the terms of this license please read here:


Now that we laid down some rules we can get to the fun part. Kissing!

Upload your photo. Allowed formats are JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP. Maximum allowed size is 10MB.

I accept the terms and conditions of the competition.